Maintenance skills of Yongkang Wei Wei electric drill

Source: YONGKANG LINGWEI ELECTRIC CO.,LTDPublication time:2017-09-28

Electric drill due to ventilation, heat dissipation, long-term use of dust, dust, gear and bearings (sliding sleeve) on the lubrication of oil, metamorphism, drying, increasing wear, especially the alternative use of more. In order to protect the rotation accuracy of the electric drill and reduce the excessive clearance caused by the abrasion of the bearing (sliding sleeve), it is necessary to keep clean, internal and greasing lubrication.


Loosen the drill several selftapping screws or screws; flat one half shell opened; structure of general electric drill is a new half embedded, namely machine and electric parts all the devices in the other half shell, carefully remove the brush, then take the end of drill chuck, then gently remove the rotor motor (don't damage the enameled wire), wipe on the rotor (the commutator and brush contact is), if it is too dirty or badly worn can be used with water or sandpaper emery cloth polishing metallographic sandpaper to light. Rotor front and rear bearings, if it is sealed, you can wipe the outside can be clean, if the seal is broken, should be replaced in good time. Clean the spiral teeth before the rotor and clean the oil inside the shell. Clean the helical gear and both ends of the drill chuck rod (or shaft sleeve). Install the rotor before unloading; install the rotor first; then install the drill chuck, the rod, the bevel gear; install carbon brush, carbon brush, if it is shorter than 7-8 millimeters, replace it in time. To find a flat brush installed, "Mobil" or "Shell" grease in gear and bearing (or sleeve) between all parts to be packed flat after check can cover the other half, tighten the screws, turned by hand feeling have no card, can transfer power test.